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Nicole Solari

Buying Luxury Real Estate

Looking to buy Luxury Real Estate? First, know what makes a home, a luxury home, if you ask 5 people what they consider a luxury home, you may get 5 very different answers. 

Here is what makes a home a luxury home described by Nicole Solari 

"In today's real estate market luxury homes are not about the price point or size of the home, it's about the quality of amenities and lifestyle offerings.  Buyers are not purchasing homes for the million-dollar price tag or the expansive square footage, it's more about conscience living and convenience in today's fast-paced world."

Now, more than ever the success of buying a luxury home depends on the right real estate professional with the appropriate knowledge and skills. A luxury home buying agent needs to stay up to date on market reports, analysis and training who will have a network with other agents who specialize in luxury real estate. 

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